The Question

Maybe blondes do really have more fun? As I am looking back on my iPhoto library, I am really missing summer. People seem happier, weather is nicer, etc. But I know this summer will be amazing. It’s going to top them all. Graduation. 21. and then hopefully a whole shift change of adventures in Australia by 2015. In the meantime, here is me reminiscing on my blonde days.

Including but not limited:

  • Dancing in my front yard, trying to do cartwheels, tanning and drawing with chalk
  • Heading to Debuke River to have a campfire and fall asleep under the stars
  • Tradition: Ixtapa dates with friends visiting
  • Eating pizza. Enough said.
  • Index Mountain (Secret) Hike
  • Three Lakes in Snohomish, Wa

IMG_2723 IMG_2730 IMG_3057 IMG_3131 IMG_3156 IMG_3495


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