The “Town” of Woodway

Edmonds waterfront is a prime location for viewing on a sunny day like yesterday. (Also known for restaurants like Demetris and Arnies. My friend Stella and I decided we were going to stop by my new favorite coffee shop, Red Twig and bust out some homework. This place has open mic nights every Thursday and some very awesome people who will serve you coffee. (Kitchen is usually open until 3pm, and serves paninis, quesedillas, and salads)


The sun was too tempting however and I had to get to work, but not before we got some really cool shots up on the hill.

IMG_6319_Fotor IMG_6326_Fotor IMG_6327_Fotor IMG_6331_Fotor IMG_6341_Fotor IMG_6353_Fotor IMG_6370_Fotor


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