7 Photos that will get you ready for winter in the PNW.

Baby it’s cold outside… and I am loving every second of it! Last week I drove up with Mio and Dexter (The adorable miniature Australian Shepard mix with an Instagram) to Lake Diablo, only this time we actually found the lookout! (Stay tuned for a reflections post on our first time up there.) The sun had already set behind the mountains, making for some beautiful tones on the water.

lake diablo perspective north cascades


dexter and his backpack

north cascades

The north cascades in all their grandeur.

stella rudge neff beanies

Now for those of you who don’t know me, don’t know this little plum of mine either. Stella and I have grown up taking photos together, whether it’s adventuring around in a golf cart in Kalama, WA or jumping in and out of the car for roadside attractions. These were taken on Mountain Loop Highway, where we found this freezing lake that we had to trekk through.

bundled up stella  red

trees lights bokah

Now that snow has fallen in town I am expecting my instagram feed to turn white, and I have to say I am beyond ready for this holiday season. Be sure to follow me for updated adventures! @hellofrankenbery



5 thoughts on “7 Photos that will get you ready for winter in the PNW.

  1. Did you venture out to Lake Diablo while it was still November?
    I’m just curious. I wanted to go last week, Dec 1st, but thought that the pass was closed for the winter.
    I wasn’t sure since I’ve never driven out there in the winter, and instead postponed my drive out of precaution.

    Love the photos! and i am IN LOVE with your cardigan!!! (3rd photo from the bottom)

    • Thanks for your comment Denise!
      I went up two weeks ago, I’d definitely check WTA for closures but there wasnt snow driving up except for on the summits.

      I need to start posting more of my adventures around the state! I love your blog! 🙂 Do you have an Instagram? A lot of my photos get posted there if you want to check it out: @hellofrankenbery

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