2015, What A Year It Shall Be.

I hope everyone had a lovely new years! I got the pleasure of spending the night with two great people. Miles has never seen the fireworks that shoot off the space needle in person before so I am really glad that we left the house party we were at to go to Gas Works Park. We scored with parking and got there at up the hill by 11:45, where people were lighting Chinese lanterns. I was too chilly to take many photos, but Stella captured this one!seattle new years eve 2015

dreamquest bengals lazzara

dreamquest bengals

I have to say, I have come to love the holidays more and more each year. Christmas was so laid back and it was so nice being able to relax at home. I got to spend it with my nieces and nephews, and this little angel of mine. (see photo)

I think we are going to try to make it a goal this year to have two more bengals by next Christmas so we can perhaps try breeding. (Although with our luck we will probably end up keeping them all…)

Lazzara is now two years old and is growing into her ears a lot more than this photo I found when we first got her.

She is quite the little chatter box still, which I am grateful for. Has anyone had any experiences with having multiple bengals in one household? Our other boy cat moved out after Lazzara turned one. He didn’t seem to want to share the space so he left to a neighbors house and is now content where he’s at.

Here is my first adventure of the year that Miles and I had. We hit golden hour at a whopping 3:45 pm in Snohomish where we found some mud. It was chilly but he captured some really amazing shots!

snohomish washington, pumpkin farm

snohomish washington, pumpkin farm

snohomish washington, pumpkin farm

snohomish washington, pumpkin farm

snohomish washington, pumpkin farm


3 thoughts on “2015, What A Year It Shall Be.

    • Thanks for the appreciation! I browsed through some of your posts and I have to say I feel your pain growing up tall! I used to get made fun of for having big feet. (size 9 now…!) I realized that I’m stuck with them and once I accepted it it stopped bothering me. : ) Of course there are still flaws that I worry over from day to day but as you grow each year those things become irrelevant. Happy thoughts beautiful!

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