I’m Grumpy, Can We Go Camping Again Already?

This weekend was pretty uneventful. I defaulted to looking at photos and playing computer games while staying in. In the midst of tidying up my Photos Library I realized I didn’t share our first camping trip of the season with our friends Kayla and Matt. I want NOTHING more than to be back in this sunshine and be dirty and scraped up from tripping over rocks, watching the sun set over Lake Wenatchee. The campground was at the state park, and although I usually prefer solitude of backpacking camping I was pleasantly surprised with how empty it was. I have my eye on a campsite at Glacier View next time were up that way. Check out the end of this post for some more camping tips 🙂

I can’t even recall the details of how it became decided to go to Lake Wenatchee, but we got the car packed up and headed east Friday after work. Got camp set up and busted out a board game. Mya joined us for a bit before she passed out in Kayla’s arms.

lake-wenatchee-state-park-leavenworth-camping - 2

lake-wenatchee-state-park-leavenworth-camping - 16

lol at Mya contemplating life by the fire

We had talked my dad into coming over to Leavenworth to visit, so after some oatmeal in my Jetboil we drove around a bit and then went into town. This is where we stopped at the campsite on the other end of the lake, Glacier View Campground. Apparently this end sits in a little cove with little to no wind and attracts LOTS of mosquitos, we were in love with the views that a lot of the campsites had. We will be back to stay for sure after June when the bugs aren’t so bad.

My dad rode over on his Indian and got his usual KOA campsite so we went to go hammock for a bit after our lunch at Fresh Burger Cafe– Not your typical german food but these guys know how to put together an amazing burger.

We decided to check out Hidden Lake, a small hike near Lake Wenatchee. We had a great time stumbling through the woods. It really ended our trip with a bang.

lake-wenatchee-state-park-leavenworth-camping - 28lake-wenatchee-state-park-leavenworth-camping - 27lake-wenatchee-state-park-leavenworth-camping - 26lake-wenatchee-state-park-leavenworth-camping - 24lake-wenatchee-state-park-leavenworth-camping - 25lake-wenatchee-state-park-leavenworth-camping - 18

Some of my other favorite shots from this weekend were when we got back from our hike and went for a walk.

lake-wenatchee-state-park-leavenworth-camping - 30lake-wenatchee-state-park-leavenworth-camping - 29lake-wenatchee-state-park-leavenworth-camping - 32lake-wenatchee-state-park-leavenworth-camping - 31lake-wenatchee-state-park-leavenworth-camping - 33lake-wenatchee-state-park-leavenworth-camping - 34

What a nice weekend. Can’t wait to be back outdoors next weekend. If anyone is a late planner and wants to join us for Memorial Day Weekend get in touch 🙂

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

I’m excited to start compiling my favorite campsites this summer, and i’ll be sure to share them all here and link to posts in the future!

Lake Diablo, Colonial Creek Campground

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 6.59.24 PM.png

Lake Wenatchee – Glacier View Campground

(Don’t forget bugspray!)


Verlot/Mt Index


Lake Chelan – Can anyone PLEASE help me get to the “boat in” campgrounds here??


Photo to come! 😉



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