This Weekend Did Not Suck: Memorial Day 2017

Okay, actually it started to.

I came down with the blues on Friday, missing my man (😏 whoops did I just say that out loud?) and feeling like I was going to have the worst Memorial Day Staycation while all my friends were out and about. What cured these sad thoughts? BEING OUTSIDE. and realizing how grateful I am to be living exactly how I am currently.

Saturday Morning we got to boat on Andrews Bay and try to doughnot get sunburnt. Lots of White Claw + Sandwiches later we we’re feeling pretty silly. Sidenote: I am obsessed with Lyons Grocery for deli style subs. Do yourself a favor and check them out. Kayla made some of her famous Sangria and we all made some new friends. (see yacht in background!)





If you’re lucky enough to get to spend time on the water in the Seattle/Bellevue area, Andrews Bay and Meydenbauer Bay are my two favorite places to lounge out! Be sure to bring an air pump for your floaties, unless you want to be sore from using a hand pump four days later (😐 I guess I wasn’t as in shape for the summer as originally thought…)

Sunday was another jam-packed day, woke up and went to Folklife Festival at Seattle Center with Kira and Stella. It was great to see families show up early to beat the heat and catch some of the earlier music acts. We grabbed a salmon Caesar salad and joined! We spent our time shopping at the local vendors, including Pieces to Peaces who now sells my favorite hiking accessory! There headbands and beanies are handmade in Olympia, and the fabric and patterns are amaaaaaazing. Thanks to Kira for encouraging all the shopping. (And for some incredible outtakes!)


I had to rush away to get into the mountains with my go to backpacking-buddy Jordan and new friend Joe! So I walked out of Seattle Center a little more broke and a lot more sprightly! We booked it to the South Cascades to hit up Packwood Lake for our first backpacking trip of the summer. It was a great overnight, with little elevation gain to get my body used to carrying a 60-L again.

And the view… Wow!

Got to love exploring new places!


We made it in time for sunset!


The view from our campsite were next level. I have to call out ALMIGHTY JOE for saving my phone from falling off the trail down a cliffside. And for making us a fire. And trying to catch a fish. And for the ice cream. You rock.



After falling asleep to the most relaxing fire + serenade by Bon Iver (the extra weight for the bluetooth speaker was worth it) we woke up to everyone packing out to this beautiful sight and managed to miss all Memorial Day traffic. South Cascades for the win! Ended it with all you can eat sushi, and another boat day on Monday. As I’m writing this I think I am still riding the high of gratitude I have for being able to pack in all this adventure.

It’s safe to say I really turned around this weekend.

And I am ready.

Ready for summer. Ready to learn more about myself and the new and exciting people coming into my life. Ready for California (again!) and to continue new creative projects, while enjoying this sunshine that we’ve been graced with in the Pacific Northwest!

Also– I have started compiling some old and new spots that I want to backpack this summer. Welcome any suggestions or friends interested in joining 🙂



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